Mangere Refugee Resettlememnt Centre

This project provides a first ‘Kiwi home’ to generations of Refugees who will come to our Nation for a new life. This project was an opportunity for the design team to provide this key piece of New Zealand’s Social infrastructure and took literally the premise of ‘nation building’. The use of brick was selected due to its global commonality as a construction material, it also references the building blocks of society and provides superior whole of life costs and low maintenance. The entrance marked by a Waka form – acknowledges the journey made by most who arrive here.

An administration building provides for core functions, with communal spaces, kitchens, medical and office areas. The accommodation buildings are centred around a courtyard space – to provide a distinct residential identity to this area.

The centre is the only one of its kind in NZ, welcoming new Kiwis to the country and hosting them for a six week period where they learn about life in New Zealand and receive a range of orientation services. It is a large, fit-for-purpose, flexible residential government facility, which caters for up to 166 refugees and 30 asylum seekers.


A First "Kiwi Home" for Refugees